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This Moroccan black round leather pouf is a piece of furniture that embodies the aesthetics and craftsmanship characteristic of Morocco. It is made from high quality leather, often sourced from goatskins, which is tanned and dyed in the traditional way. The leather is then cut and sewn by hand to form a circular pouf.

The deep black of the leather gives this pouffe a timeless elegance and a luxurious ambience. The black color choice can fit easily into various interior styles and brings a touch of sophistication to any room.

Traditional Moroccan craftsmanship is reflected in the details of the pouf, such as the geometric patterns inlaid or sewn on the leather. These patterns range from intricate designs to simpler patterns, but they all testify to the skill and attention to detail of Moroccan craftsmen.

Moroccan black round leather pouf

  • Material : leather
    Manufacturing: By hand

    Width: 21 inches
    Height: 13 inches

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